Seesaw 2 has a dedicated baby floor that takes babies only, from 3 months old.  They stay there until they move downstairs to the 'tiny tots' when they are around 18 months.  

Seesaw 1 takes children from around 1 year old and they are cared for in a smaller group within the 'tiny tots' floor.

In both nurseries, ratios of staff to children are usually 1:2, but never above 1:3.  This enables staff to deliver the highest quality of care.

     "Babies demonstrate that they enjoy their                            learning............".Ofsted 2015

    ".........children form secure attachments with                     their key person"   Ofsted 2015





For babies to thrive, they need to form a strong attachment to their key person before they can relate well to many staff at nursery.  We feel it is beneficial for them to be in a small group.  Once they are feeling settled, safe and secure, we aim to provide them with as much stimulation and sensory experiences as possible, both indoors and outdoors.  

By the time they join the tiny tots they are usually brimming with enthusiasm, and can't wait to join in the fun!

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