BreakFast & After School Club

Drawing at After School Club
Looking at chickens

The Breakfast Club opens at 8am and the children get taken into school at 8.45am. It is open for all children attending St Johns School and Walwayne Court at Seesaw1 and Paxcroft and Bellefield Schools for Seesw 2.  They can be given breakfast on request! 

We pick children up from all 4 schools and take them back for the after school clubs. They are designed to be relaxing and fun for children after a hard day at school! The children will be involved in planning what they would like to do and make. In addition to arts and crafts, the children will play games, look at books, do cooking or woodwork and play outside.  We go on trips that include bike rides, to the park, and to the local farm to play in the river! 

Playing on swing at Stowford manor farm

They can stay for any length of time up to 6pm, and parents will be charged on an hourly basis with 1 hour minimum, and to the nearest half hour after the first hour.

The children will be given a snack after they arrive and some children may choose to bring a packed tea, particularly if they are with us until late.

Halloween fancy dress
Halloween fancy dress
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