In The Community

In our nurseries we aim to contribute to and benefit from an involvement in the wider community. Once a year we collect for the homeless locally and we take part in other fundraising activities like Children in Need. The children benefit from an enriched curriculum experience by having visits from members of the community, like the dental nurse, guide dogs for the blind and a trip to the local fire station, to name but a few.

Children's face painting
Trip to Trowbridge fire station
A dad demonstrating martial arts
Face painting
   Trip to the fire station
A dad demonstrates Kung Fu

'George' our local friendly police officer came in to demonstrate some techniques and handcuffed our volunteer Becky which the children thought was very funny !


We believe children benefit most where there is a trusting and mutually supportive partnership between the nursery and parents. The children have learning journals that they contribute to with both their keyworker at the nursery and their parent.

The children are given tasks to do at home, like filling the letterbox and borrowing a story sack. Although they are essentially a learning tool, we aim to make activities fun and exciting, encouraging a positive attitude towards learning.

Story Sacks
Playing in the river Frome at Stowford Manor Farm
Learning about traffic lights and road safety
Story sacks
Down on the farm
Learning about road safety
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