Welcome to SeeSaw 1, Wingfield Road

Seesaw 1 is situated in a large Victorian house and has been open since 1988. It has extensive gardens with a small orchard.

Dressing up at Seesaw 1

On starting nursery, parents are asked to provide all relevant personal details, sign a contract of terms and conditions and familiarise themselves with our policies.   

The nursery accommodates 40 children ranging from 9 months to 10 years old. The after-school club meet in the basement, the tiny tots on the ground floor and the pre-school on the first floor.

Although the nursery is open 50 weeks a year, children can attend school term time only and no retainer fee is charged.

Similarly, children can attend from 8am to 6pm or for part time hours.  We take children who want to attend for government entitlement only, for 2, 3 and 4 year olds.  Some parents can also access up to 30 funded hours a week, which can be accessed on a flexible basis throughout the day.  Eligibility criteria can be discussed with us or through HMRC.  We are also in receipt of the pupil premium and workplace vouchers.

Playing with dolls at seesaw 1
Reading Thomas the Tank Engine at Seesaw 1

Children are given drinks and snacks throughout the day, which may include wholemeal bread, milk, fruit, raisins etc. We cook lunches and tea for children or they can bring a packed lunch box. We have a healthy eating policy! 

We welcome parents to stay and settle their children before they leave them.  This can be useful in the early days.  We also have open days, outings, celebrations, etc that we hope parents will participate in.

Eating corn on the cob at Seesaw 1

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Seesaw Nursery 1 – September 2018 Newsletter

Welcome back

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new children and families to our setting. I hope everyone enjoyed the summer and you are ready for another fantastic year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Dates for your diary    October half term – Thursday 25th October until Friday 2nd November. These are optional days therefore if you would like your child to attend; please book them in with a member of staff.  These days have to be paid for by children who are funded.   If you do not book your child in, we will not expect them. Term ends 26thOctober for children who are funded only.

Term begins - Monday 5th November and ends on 14th December for funded children.  The nursery remains open for 1 week that would have to be paid for and children booked in as an optional week.  The nursery then closes on the 21st December until the 3rd January 2019.

Christmas party - Tuesday 18thDecember – Book the morning off work and come and join us at the Civic Centre. More details to follow.

Nursery re-opens - Thursday 3rdJanuary. The 3rd&4thJanuary are optional days. If you would like your child to attend; please book them in with a member of staff. . If you do not book your child in, we will not expect them.

Term starts - Monday 7th January


This term the Pre-school will be learning “All about me”. This is a great opportunity for the children to learn about themselves, their family and all about their new friends. Pre-school are currently making family puzzle pieces and would like all children to bring in a few photos of their family to stick on them. Thank you.


Could we please ask that children do not bring in toys into nursery, as they can get broken and lost. If your child needs a comfort item, you can however bring it with them.


If your child turns 3 before the 31stof December 2018; they will be entitled to claim 15/30 hours free per week (government funded), as of January 2019. Please note we do not allow funded hours to be used between 12-1pm and you will be charged the hourly fee of £4.85, if you require the full day.

New staff

We would like to welcome Laura as the new nursery manager, who has moved back to Seesaw 1 from Seesaw 2. We also have Hannah who is working on the Tiny tot floor, Lauren on the Pre-school floor and Lydia who is working on both floors with children on inclusion.




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