Welcome to SeeSaw 2, Eastbourne Road

Seesaw 2 is based in an end terraced house, close to the town centre. It is a small nursery with a family atmosphere.

The nursery accommodates up to 30 children which includes a small baby unit and a breakfast and after school club.  We take children and pick them up from Paxcroft  and Bellefield schools. The nursery is open from 8 am to 6 pm 50 weeks of the year.  We offer as much flexibility as possible, enabling children to attend school term time only and government entitlement hours only for 2, 3 and 4 years old up to 15 hours a week.  Some parent can also access up to 30 funded hours a week but this is subject to eligibility criteria.  We offer a maximum of 26 hours a week but over 48 weeks of the year through this scheme. We are also in receipt of work place vouchers and pupil premium.  On starting nursery, parents are asked to provide all relevant personal details, sign a contract of terms and conditions and familiarise themselves with out policies.

Playing with Bee-bot at Seesaw 2
Learning about plants at Seesaw 2
Playing with dolls at Seesaw 2

We welcome parents to stay and settle their children before they leave them.  This can be useful in the early days!  We also have open days, outings, celebrations, etc that we hope parents participate in.

Storytime at Seesaw 2
Celebrating a birthday at Seesaw 2

Children are given drinks and snacks throughout the day, which may include wholemeal bread, milk, fruit, raisins etc. We cook lunches and tea for children or they can bring a packed lunch box. We have a healthy eating policy for all children 

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Welcome back, we hope you all had a lovely Christmas and wish you a happy New Year.


12 th – 16 th February is an optional week. Please book in if you would like your child to attend. Full fees apply.

30 th March Bank holiday Friday. Nursery closed. This Bank holiday will be charged.

2 nd -6 th April is an optional week. Please book in if you would like your child to attend. Full fees apply.

9 th – 13 th April Nursery closed. Seesaw Nursery 1 will be open, if you require childcare this week please let us know or phone them directly on 01225 767006 and ask for Oonagh.

7 th May Bank holiday Monday. Nursery closed. This Bank holiday will be charged                                      28 th May Bank holiday. Nursery closed.                    29 th May – 1 st June is an optional week. Please book in if you would like your child to attend. Full fees apply.

PRE SCHOOL PROJECT - This term our project is Dinosaurs. If your child has any items at home related to Dinosaurs, then you can bring them in to share with their friends. If you have any ideas or information that would be beneficial please see Daisy or Sam. A new home link is available on the Pre-School planning wall, if your child would like to take one home to complete.

FACEBOOK - Just to remind you that we are on Facebook. Please search Seesaw Nursery 2 and request to join. On the page we post important dates/events and photos of the children participating in activities.

FEES - Please remember fees are to be paid in advance of your child's session. This includes any voucher payments. We would like to remind you that fees have increased to £4.85. Breakfast and tea will be £1.50 each and dinner will be £2.50. Snack charge for the children on the 30-hour funding is £1.50 per morning/afternoon.

FUNDING - If your child turns 3 before 31 st March; they will be entitled to claim15/30 hours (government funding), as of April. Please ask Laura, Becky or Maz for more information.

SEPTEMBER SPACES - We are filling up in September so please let us know if you can anticipate that you will need to change or have more hours

ALLERGIES - We have a child in the nursery with a severe nut allergy so we would be grateful to ensure their safety you could avoid putting anything containing nuts in your child's lunch box.

GATES - As always please to remind you to close all gates after yourselves as you come and go from the nursery.

Thanks for your support


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